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Last mile Mobility and Logistics

Environmental challenges asks for greener mobility specially inside the urbanized areas and we are happy to see positive electrification trends. But changing only the powertrain of our vehicles is not enough, the conceptual inefficiency remains: 1,2 persons per passenger car, which is parked 95% of the time doesn‘t seem to be reasonable. Getting delivered a 1kg-package by a 3T vehicle doesn‘t seem to be optimized neither. We need deeper conceptual changes.

Our electric systems and components have been powering and driving conventional smaller electric urban vehicles like E-Scooters, electric 3 and 4-Wheelers for a decade. Now we accompany our most innovative customers in their evolution towards autonomous driving, starting from driver-assistance system and up to fully automated driving at lower speeds.

More disruptive are our customers with robotic background, who are introducing Robotaxi and people-mowers for short-distance mobility or AMRs intended to serve logistic needs in the last mile.