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About Kolektorkolektor

Kolektor is a global company with over 5.000 employees in 14 countries. Strategic position of the company`s headquarters in the heart of Europe, in Slovenia, and global marketing and production presence on all important world markets, ensure effective managing of market demand and optimal business solutions.

Kolektor in Mobile Robotics

The story begun in 1941 in Switzerland with foundation of Micromotor AG. Among other product segments Micromotor established himself as a market leader in special hub motors for High-end wheel chairs. This is where decades of experience was accumulated in the most demanding and safety critical application for Differential Drive. When Differential Drive started to gain acceptance in industrial AGVs, Micromotor already had the reference products and application knowledge, so no wonders why Micromotor was the first on the market with dedicated traction unit for industrial use in differentially driven AGVs and among the first with Brushless Permanent Magnet Synchronous motor technology in traction applications in Material Handling industry. Kolektor Group acquired Micromotor in 2015 and provided an additional industrial and market push to become the leading supplier of high-end traction motors for differentially driven Logistics and Manufacturing AGVs and other Mobile Robotic applications.

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