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RoboteQ has grown up together with Mobile Robotic market. Their customer oriented spirit for innovation while assisting customers with their challenges helped them to bring a lot of novelties on the market specially designed for Mobile Robotic applications.

Differential drive has become a mainstream in Mobile Robotics, and this is partially thanks to RoboteQ, which was the first on the market to offer a dedicated dual channel motor controller for differentially driven Mobile Robots with the possibility to control 2 motors in a speed mode from a single device.

The product range has constantly evolved in terms of family members and product features, always keeping in mind main functional and safety requirements of the Mobile Robotic applications. The best example is TUV-certified Safe Torque Off (STO) function, which helped many manufacturers of the mobile machines to simplify the design and HW component count and increase the safety of their vehicles.

One of Roboteq's controller’s most powerful and innovative features is the ability for the user to write programs that are permanently saved into, and run from the controller’s Flash Memory. This capability is the equivalent of combining the motor controller functionality and this of a PLC or Single Board Computer directly into the controller.

RoboteQ is also market leader for magnetic tape sensors. Among their latest innovations are RoboFlow and RoboPad.

Majority of their products are CE and UL certified, which helps our customers to deploy them globally.

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