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Autonomous driving

Accelerated evolution

First AGVs were implemented in the industrial environment almost 50 years ago, we talk about Automated  Vehicles, Guided by the line on the floor, therefore AGV.

Line – either magnetic, visual or inductive – is always part of the infrastructure and AGV needs to have the system which is able to detect its deviation from the line and have a closed loop control logic for continuously returning the vehicle towards the center of the track, while moving along the line. Quite simple from today‘s perspective…


Less than 2 decades ago more flexible systems were introduced on the market based on laser scanners, first with reflectors for triangulation and couple of years later natural navigation without any need for infrastructure. Latest is becoming state of the art, so more and more we replace term AGV with AMR, which stands for Autonomous Mobile Robots.

But still, there are a lot of limitations when having the perception on a single 2D layer in a typical logistic or manufacturing environment, localization only on an absolute global coordinate system… This kind of AMR can‘t go OUTDOOR!


What‘s next: We can‘t avoid not to closely follow the evolution of car industry from driver assistance, through the automated driving, towards ultimately Autonomous Driving. Billions of investments are naturally bringing an accelerated technological advance… We admire those who have courage to state that autonomous driving is possible without expensive multi-channel Lidars, only relaying on image processing captured by cameras and fused with other more cost effective sensors. If this is only close to be possible for an application like car driving at 150km/h or within highly dynamic city environments, why wouldn‘t be possible for Mobile Robots driving at 10km/h?

We believe it‘s possible, and for this reason we invest our own resources in the development of EZYPILOT – Localization and Perception Unit for Autonomous Mobile Robots.

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