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Vehicle control

Vehicle Control

Majority of today‘s Industrial and Logistics AGV and AMRs are still quite primitive vehicles, even after decades of evolution. AGVs have been historically mostly built by automation companies with same functional and safety architecture and same components as used in traditional industrial automation. There has definitely been an evolution and today‘s components are designed specifically for mobile automation, but the mindset remains the same.

In the last years we‘ve seen new entrants on the AMR market with more „robotic mindset“. They sometimes suffer with safety regulations, which were written by traditional automation, but they are bringing enormous functional improvements and consequently greatly increased value to the final installations.

What‘s next: There will be more and more smart and powerful systems on-board requiring real-time coordination and communication to other fleet members and to infrastructure so there will be a need of more powerful brain also on the level of a mobile robot taking responsibility for its control and safety.

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